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For the past 2 years developing CAP oldgens has kept me interested in competitive pokemon, because it turns out that making the formats I enjoy more accessible to everyone is something I love more than actually playing them. That's the main motivation behind the following proposal. Alongside the fact that In a matter of months Pokemon Sword and Shield will become an oldgen, creating 5 past generations of CAP.

I propose that starting next year we establish an annual tournament circuit, similar to Smogon Classic, featuring the 5 previous generations of the CAP metagame.

Along with this idea for a circuit (I'll call it "CAP Classic" for now) come a lot of questions to be answered, which this post is going to begin to address.

Why do this?
Creating an oldgens circuit may seem pointless, but the reality of niche formats is that they rely on competition to maintain any sort lasting playerbase, and with the way things are now, it's entirely up to chance whether or not Individual tournaments for these metagames happen. Rather than relying on people to take the initiative to plan and host oldgen tournaments, they can be part of a consistent organised schedule that will be maintained even as various people come and go from the community. Furthermore by grouping these formats together we are setting up each individual tournament for greater success. People with an interest in one metagame will have an incentive to try all of them, the larger scale of a circuit makes it easier to promote and even opens up the possibility of having prizes. With everything there is to gain it feels like a no brainer as long as people are willing to put in the effort.

How will it work?
Truthfully I'm relying on people being on board and helping figure out all the details together in this thread. But the basic idea is as follows.
The circuit would involve 5 separate tournaments: the DPP CAP Cup, BW CAP Cup, ORAS CAP Cup, SM CAP Cup and SS CAP Cup, each of which will earn you points depending on your placement, then a group of users who earned the most points will qualify for a playoff bracket where they play best of 5 series with all the oldgens, just like Smogon Classic. However unlike Smogon Classic where the various cups run concurrently, the CAP Cups should probably be spaced out to accomodate the much smaller playerbase. There's also bracket format to consider, the playoffs would be single elimination, but for the cups double elimination and swiss style brackets are also worth consideration.

That's all I have to say about this for now, I've had this idea for a while but deciding to actually make this post was completely spontaneous so sorry if it's a little brief. Regardless I'm extremely eager to hear other people thoughts.

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